Musik - Frozen Soul arbeiten an neuem Album
 Die texanische old school Deathwalze Frozen Soul arbeitet am Nachfolger vom Debutalbum "Crypt of Ice". Man kann davon ausgehen, dass ein Release in 2022 erfolgen wird. Laut der Band soll der Nachfolger noch "heavier, faster, and colder" werden!

In 2021, we released our first album, put together a sick metal fest, and toured the country with some amazing bands and people. it was an awesome experience, and we thank you for being there and rawkin with us.
we’ve got some insane tours lined up in 2022, but before we get back on the road, we’ll be heading back into the crypt to finish writing LP2. tour leftovers will also be going up sometime in the next week, so keep your eyes peeled for that.
we’re beyond excited to show everyone whats next for Frozen Soul. this next album will be heavier, faster, and colder!
Exorzist am 01.01.2022, 17:44