Musik - Ceremonial Castings zeigen Video zu "Midnight Deathcult Phenomena"
 Die US Black Metaller Ceremonial Castings zeigen uns jetzt den Clip zu "Midnight Deathcult Phenomena".
Der Titel stammt vom "Our Journey Through Forever" Album das zum 25jährigen Bestehen am 25.02.2022 erscheinen wird. Zu diesem Jubiläum haben Ceremonial Castings ihre Diskografie durchforstet, 18 Titel ausgewählt und neu eingespielt. Dazu kommen noch zwei neue und bisher unveröffentlichte Tracks. "Prominentestes" Bandmitglied dürfte Jake Superchi sein den man ja von Uada kennt.

Das Video könnt ihr beim Decibel Magazin antesten:

"With a career spanning nine full-length albums, a slew of demos, EPs, and splits as well as notable live performances throughout the globe, it is high time for Ceremonial Castings to commemorate 25 years of their
existence, a milestone reached in the year 2021. For this occasion, the
band has hand-selected and carefully re-recorded 18 of their classic
songs, as well as two completely new and previously unreleased
instrumentals by Nick Superchi, to be released as a double album in early 2022."

Jake Superchi: Guitars/Vocals
Nick Superchi: Keyboards/Synths/Pianos
Matt Mattern: Drums/Percussions

1.Come Forth...Damnation
2.Immortal Black Art
3.Our Journey Through Forever
4.My Kingdom of Cold Sorrows
5.I; A Thousand Fires
6.Bewitching Black Metal
7.The Purifier of Battle Pt. I
8.Desecration of Grace
9.The Fall of Man
10.Midnight Deathcult Phenomena
11.Darkness & War
12.Into the Black Forest of Witchery
13.Sweet Misery I Foresee
14.Barbaric is the Beast
16.Human Slave Infantry
17.The Purifier of Battle Pt. II
18.A Serpent's Kiss
19.Universal Funeral March
20.The Coming of Dawn We Fear
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