Musik - SADIST geben Details vom neuen Album "Firescorched" bekannt
 Die italienischen Deathmetallegende SADIST hat jetzt Details vom kommenden "Firescorched" Album bekanntgegeben. Bei der Band ist mittlerweile Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura, ex-Pestilence) und Romain Goulon (ex-Necrophagist, ex-Benighted) mit an Bord.

"Firescorched" erscheint am 20.05.2022 bei Agonia Records, die erste Single "Finger Food" kommt am 18.02.2022 zeitgleich mit der Bekanntgabe der Albumformate und den Vorbestellmöglichkeiten.

1. Accabadora
2. Fleshbound
3. Finger Food
4. Burial of a Clown
5. Loa
6. Aggression/Regression
7. Three Mothers and the Old Devil Father
8. Trauma (Impaired Mind Functionality)
9. Firescorched
10. Rerek *
11. Accabadora (Atitai)*
*Box CD bonus tracks

The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tommy Talamanca at Nadir Music Studios in Genoa (Italy) with artwork design by Paolo Puppo.

"Firescorched can be described as Sadist 2.0," kommentiert Tommy Talamanca. "It's not a real concept album in the classical meaning of the word, despite the fact that most of the lyrics are somehow connected. Some of them are real horror stories, and the whole album sounds really creepy. We all love the cover artwork, which adds to that feeling."

Trevor Sadist - vocals
Tommy Talamanca - guitar, keyboards
Jeroen Paul Thesseling - bass
Romain Goulon - drums
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