Musik - BEYOND THE STYX zeigen “Collateral” Video
 Die französische metallic Hardcore Truppe Beyond the Styx hat jetzt via Brooklyn Vegan das Video zur dritten Single “Collateral” veröffentlicht, das dazugehörige "Sentence" Album erscheint am 04.02.2022 via WTF Records (CD and vinyl) und Diorama Records (Kassette).

BTSTYX Sänger Emile Duputié kommentiert:

“‘Collateral’ is the 12th and the last title composed for the ‘Sentence’ album. Like our daily routine for the past 2 years, the composition of this new track was particularly complicated due to repeated lockdowns. Nevertheless, this song has also shown us all the strength of character and the determination that we have been able to show in the face of this harmful daily life to finalize for the very first time in our history as a band a piece of music at a distance from one of the others.

“‘Collateral,’ as its name suggests, prevails as a kind of warning. Being the witnesses of a world adrift, many complain, bark, and get offended. But how many of them do act?

“Isolated slaves of a well-rehearsed individualistic system aimed at disorienting the masses under a flood of information or even deactivating them through repressive threats. Here we are made as docile as a condemned trendy lemming and left to go along with the movement of inaction in the face of the real threats represented by the extinction of our own planet Earth — a planet that has nothing to do with growth, purchasing power or the feeling of insecurity ... a planet that reminds us that without it nothing is possible.
“The fear of change is only a feeling generated by the ignorance imposed on us by our millimeter daily life.

“Unity is strength. We have the power to act. It is certainly not politics that will save the world, but culture and music.

“Be that next COLLATERAL damage!”

Track Listing:
01. DC
02. Collateral
03. New World Disorder (feat. Luis Ifer)
05. Self Hatred
06. Chain of life
07. Overload
08. Scorch AD (feat. Guillaume D.)
09. Machination
10. Cyclops (feat. Vincent P.M.)

Emile Duputié: Vocals
Adrien Joulin: Drums
David Govindin: Rythm Guitar
Yoann César: Bass
Arnaud Morfoisse: Lead Guitar

Guest Members:
Vocals on “New World Disorder” by Luis Ifer (Teething).
Vocals on “Scorched AD” by Guillaume Duhau (Final Shodown, Happy Face).
Vocals on “Cyclops” by Vincent Peingnart-Mancini (The Butcher’s Rodeo, Aqme).
Alucard am 03.02.2022, 16:08