Musik - Vexes zeigen neue Single "Low Choices"
 Die New Jersey Alternative Rock/Metal Band VEXES hat jetzt ihre neue Single "Low Choices" veröffentlicht. Der Titel stammt vom kommenden Doppelalbum "Imagine What We Could Destroy /// If Only Given Time" das am 17.Juni erscheint.

Bei der Premiere via wurde der Titel wie folgt beschrieben: "a potent amalgam of frantic guitars, a locomotive percussive pace and the melodic vocal lather of Charlie Berezansky – whose performance manages to offer a sense of calm in contrast to the organized chaos of the instrumentation. The track builds to the kind of crescendo that is bound to resonate with post-hardcore pundits and prog-rock purists alike – flexing the instrumental prowess of band still climbing to their creative peak."


Gitarrist John Klagholz erläutert:
"'Low Choices' is about the give and take we all have within ourselves mentally, trying to cope with everyday issues, and sometimes taking things that might be a minor issue and blowing them out of proportion. Sometimes we struggle to deal with day to day stresses and rationalize our handling of them, and this song is a way of coming to grips with that notion and saying to yourself “maybe things aren’t great right now, and that’s ok… maybe things won’t get better, and maybe that’s ok too."
Alucard am 09.04.2022, 11:34