Musik - Katapult zeigen Video zu “Nihilism for the Gods”
 Die melodeath-befeuerten Thrasher Katapult haben ein Video zur Single “Nihilism for the Gods” veröffentlicht. Der Titel ist der erste Vorbote vom kommenden "Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes" Album der Truppe aus Basel & Umeå. Die neue Platte soll am 25.11.2022 via Discouraged Records erscheinen.


Gitarrist Florian Moritz kommentiert:
“‘Nihilism for the Gods’ started as a song about total exhaustion from fighting your everyday battles and being vulnerable. Then it turned into something bigger about the human duality and sheer disgust of people’s behavior and how the big picture is connected to our very own and personal battles we have each day.”

Katapult - Nihilism for the Gods (official video 2022):
Alucard am 24.06.2022, 08:00