Musik - Black Metal aus Ecuador gefällig? Checkt WAMPYRIC RITES mit "The Wolves Howl to the Moon" an
wampyric_ritesDie raw Black Metaller WAMPYRIC RITES aus Ecuador werden ihr zweites Album "The Wolves Howl to the Moon" am 26.08.2022 via Signal Rex veröffentlichen.
Das Duo bringt damit den Nachfolger zum Album "The Eternal Melancholy of the Wampyre" und hat fünf neue Hassbatzen am Start. Als Appetithappen könnt ihr euch unten den Song "The Ancient Tyrant Returns from the Deep Forgotten Crypts" reinziehen.
Für das Cover Artwork war Ainul Iblis zuständig.

» Immediately, the record sounds like WAMPYRIC RITES - shimmering surge, velvety synths, hysteric shrieks across a dungeon deep - but the attack soon takes on deft dynamics, skillfully balancing robust physicality (often, headbangingly straightforward) and stained-glass sensitivity. The latter element is perhaps the boldest move here, as a variety of synth sounds - medieval organ, stargazing swirl, or even just the faintest daubing upon ripped-raw guitar - often play a prominent role in each of the album's five component songs. «

01 The Ancient Tyrant Returns from the Deep Forgot 8:10
02 Rites Under the Fullmoon 6:06
03 Amidst the Fog of Eternity 2:47
04 The Wolves Howl to the Moon 9:58
05 Captive in a Desolate Castle 8:25

Bandwebsite: Bandcamp

UnDerTaker am 27.07.2022, 22:12