Musik - UK Death Metaller Live Burial mit neuem Album "Curse of the Forlorn" am 23.09.2022; Erster Song zum antesten online
live%20burial%20album%20coverZwei Jahre nach ihrem Album "Unending Futility" bringen die Death Metaller Live Burial aus England ihr neues Album "Curse of the Forlorn" an den Start. Erscheinen wird die Scheibe am 23.09.2022 via Transcending Obscurity Records. Den Song "The Ordeal of Purification" könnt ihr euch schon mal unten reinziehen.

» The songwriting on this record is far more intricate and multi-faceted, with the band not only relying on their trademark lurching doomy death metal crawl but also expanding upon the scope by adding new textures and influences, including those sounding Finnish in origin. Despite these enhancements in sound, the music has only become faster, more aggressive and scathing, with vocals being acerbic enough to melt flesh but also somehow carry emotion, which in turn are magnified by excellent lead-playing. This is the culmination of the purest form of death metal worked upon to make it relevant, nay, cutting-edge in terms of extremity, technical proficiency and even emotive capability where this old school style of music goes.«

Track list:
1. Despair of the Lost Self
2. The Ordeal of Purification
3. My Head as Tribute
4. Exhumation and Execution
5. Blood and Copper
6. Sepulchre of Collapsed Kingdoms
7. This Prison I Call Flesh

Website der Band: Bandcamp

UnDerTaker am 12.09.2022, 10:53