Musik - TRAMALIZER streamen 'The Rostov Ripper'
 Die finnischen Death Metaller TRAMALIZER haben den zweiten Song von ihrem kommenden Debutalbum "Fumes Of Funeral Pyres" veröffentlicht. Das Debut erscheint am 17.Februar als CD, Vinyl und Digital über Soulseller Records.

Checkt den neuen Song "The Rostov Ripper" HIER!

TRAMALIZER formed during the years of pandemic and play metal of death like it was meant to be. Be prepared for raging riffing, shredding guitar leads, powerful vocals and lots, lots of stamina. To the death!

Cover art by Niko Partanen.


01. Tramalized
02. Point Of No Turning Back
03. Hating God ( )
04. As They Are Put To Sleep
05. Curse Of The Lake Drag
06. Gift
07. Fumes Of Funeral Pyres
08. Looking For Reality
09. Plain Evil
10. The Rostov Ripper
11. At The Night Of Feast
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