Musik - Schwedens Death Metal Newcomer OMNICIDAL enthüllen die neue Single „WWD“!
 Heute enthüllen die schwedischen Death-Metal-Newcomer OMNICIDAL die neue Single „WWD“, die von ihrem Debütalbum „The Omnicidalist“ stammt, das am 7. April 2023 über Non Serviam Records veröffentlicht wird. Freunde von Göteborg Melodic Death sollten ein Ohr riskieren.

Seht euch das Video zum Song WWD Hier an !

“This song is a war machine which has an intense drive and go. An energetic bomb which bursts and captures the listener with its fast straight forwardness. It is about the fact that we are closer to a world war than most think. History repeats, only in other shapes and forms but the shit inside is still the same,” comments the band.

The track listening reads as follows:
1. By Knife
2. WWD
3. The Passenger
4. Cemetary Scream
5. Infernum
6. The Neverborn
7. The Reaping
8. Narcissistic Abuse
9. Ten Shots
10. Slow Decay
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