Musik - MEGADETH: Neuer Song zum Download
Der brandneue MEGADETH Song "Kick the Chair" kann hier herunter geladen werden. "Kick the Chair" kommt von dem neuen, noch unbetitelten, Album das im September rauskommen soll.
Hier der Kommentar von MEGADETH Dave Mustaine: »"This is for the 95% of the people here who are my friends — the people who, even if they don't agree, they are still decent. This is for the people here who set us apart from the rest of the net, all of the fan sites, chat rooms, and forums.
"This is for you, my fans — because after this, there will be no more doubt who I am.
"This version of 'Kick The Chair' is a final mix, but is not the 'master' that will be on the new record.
"Please enjoy this and know that I love you all, even the assholes."«

Die komplette Trackliste der kommenden CD:
01. Blackmail The Universe
02. Shadow Of Death
03. My Kingdom
04. Of Mice And Men
05. Truth Be Told
06. The Scorpion
07. Kick The Chair
08. Something That I’m Not
09. Tears In A Vial
10. Die Dead Enough
11. Back In The Day
UnDerTaker am 11.05.2004, 09:19