Musik - GORGOROTH Variante von Infernus gibt Line-Up bekannt
Die GORGOROTH Variante von Infernus (wann ist endlich klar welches die Gorgoroth Band ist - Infernus oder Gaahl und King?) hat Ende Dezember sein neues Line-up bekannt gegeben. Tomas Asklund (Dissection) wirde den Posten des Drummers übernehmen und Frank Watkins (Obituary) wird den Bass spielen. Auch die arbeiten am neuen Album "Quantos Possund ad Satanitatem Trahunt" werden wie geplant fortgesetzt. Im Sommer sollen "rehearsals" des neuen Album in Stockholm / Schweden stattfinden. Wie bereits berichtet wird das Album von Ragain Records veröffentlicht werden. Der Streit um die "Marke" Gorgoroth geht unterdessen vor Gericht weiter...
Dafür dass Infernus wegen Faulheit von Gaahl und King aus der Band geworfen wurde, ist er jetzt ziemlich emsig unterwegs

» Infernus has now chosen to present his new line-up. This new line-up consists of dedicated and serious musicians with healthy attitudes and personalities, musicians whom he has had the honour of being acquainted with for some years now. Infernus has high hopes and ambitions for his future collaboration with these musicians. Tomas Asklund (Dissection) and Frank Watkins (Obituary) should need no further introductions. The work on "Quantos Possund ad Satanitatem Trahunt" will continue according to schedule, and rehearsals will begin in Stockholm in the summer of 2008. In the pre-production stage, Infernus will enlist the help of, among others, Tormentor, who wrote the title tracks of both the "Destroyer" and "Incipit Satan" albums. As with the latest album, and the forthcoming albums, "Quantos Possund ad Satanitatem Trahunt" will be released by Regain Records.
As previously stated, the legal proceedings which have already been instituted will continue as planned. Infernus and Regain Records have decided to appeal the decision of the Norwegian Patent Office's 1st department, and this appeal will be independently handled by the 2nd department of the Patent Office. It is important to point out that as long as this matter is under appeal, the current ownership decision is not in any way final. Infernus and Regain are also ready to take the artists formerly known as "The Force Gorgoroth" to court. Seeing as how the 1st department's decision is being appealed, and that the trademark ownership is as yet unresolved, it would be prudent of 3rd parties like record labels, booking agencies and online social networking websites to wait the situation out until a final decision has been reached - this to avoid any future litigations from Infernus and Regain Records.«
UnDerTaker am 14.01.2008, 06:50