Musik - KREON mit Vertrag; CD "Impact Winter" folgt im Sommer
Die hannoveranischen Death-Metaller KREON sind endlich unter den Fittichen beim Hamburger Label Im Sommer soll Impact Winter erscheinen...
Dat wird ne Granate!!!
Offizielles Statement von Maaak:
Maaak» Good news everyone!
These days Kreon signed a deal with Obscure Domain Records and is now part of their family. Keep your eyes and ears open, our debut "Impact Winter" will come up soon! It took us a long time, but many steps had to be done. At least we found a home to feel comfortable and we are looking forward working together with Sönke and Hacker! We have a good feeling about it, stay tuned.
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Butcher am 12.02.2008, 06:08