Musik - WARMASTER unterschreiben bei Dutch Metal Records
DUTCH METAL RECORDS has inked a deal with Dutch Metalheads WARMASTER. WARMASTER is set to release their long awaited debut-cd 'FIRST WAR' On March 24th. 'First War' is recorded and mixed at A.M. Studio, which has worked for bands such as Infinited Hate, Funeral Winds, Dark Remains and many others. Robbe K is responsible for mastering 'First War'. WARMASTER will go on tour to support the release of 'First War', dates will be announced soon. WARMASTER has created an album which takes Death metal back to basics, yet agressive music and is determined to conquer the metal scene!

Check out the track 'In Cold Blood' of the bands upcoming release 'FIRST WAR' here.
Tracklisting 'First War'
1. Testimony From The Grave
2. Unleashing Devilment
3. silent Scream
4. Against Heavy Odds
5. Psychological Suffering
6. In Cold Blood
7. Silent
8. 1914

Corne Bijlemeer - vocals
Rik van Gageldonk - guitars
Merijn Schenkels - guitars
Alex Schluter - bass
Andre van der Ree - drums
Dutch Metal Records am 11.02.2008, 06:04