Musik - DARK FUNERAL: entern am 18. August das Studio
 Der Gitarrist der schwedischen Black Metaler, Lord Ahriman hat folgendes zum neuen Album zusagen:

» So, finally it's time.... On Monday, August 18, Chaq Mol [guitar] and I will enter the studio together with producer Örjan Örnkloo (MISERY LOVES CO.) to begin the songwriting process of a new, yet-untitled full-length album. Exactly how long it will take is hard to say, but we hope to be done with a pre-production within the next 3 - 4 weeks. We already have quite some material written so I feel that we are as pre-prepared as we can be at this stage. We will only work in the studio during the weekdays. So every weekend when we're home we'll post a studio report to keep you updated.«

Runes In My Memory am 13.08.2008, 06:33