Musik - LIVIDITY unterschreiben bei War Anthem Records, neue DVD + CD 2009
Die Porngrinder LIVIDITY haben bei dem deutschen Label War Anthem Records einen Plattenvertrag unterzeichnet. Hinter diesem Label stecken auch die Veranstalter es Party.San Open Air in Bad Berka. Da verwundert es nicht dass der Auftritt der Amis auf dem PSOA 2008 im nächsten Jahr als DVD erscheinen soll. Ebenfalls für 2009 ist einen CD mit dem Titel "To Desecrate & Defile" geplant. Vom 10. - 16. April 2009 ist eine kleine Europa-Tour geplant.

» We are very proud to announce the new album signing to War Anthem Records in Germany!!! Right now it is in beginning stage and for 1 release with the option of resign in future... The album will be titled "To Desecrate & Defile" set for a mid to late 2009 street date. The album will be in cooperation with Epitomite Productions (Usa).

Mieze and company have been a great friend in past years by releasing our Lividity/Profanity split 7" in year 2000 through Cudgel Agency, and for those who may not know, is the co founder and chief of the mighty Party.San Open Air Festival in Bad Berka, Germany. War Anthem in cooperation with Regain Records (Sweden) had brought us over to PSOA Fest this past August for an amazing party of 10,000 metal freaks!! We seen old friends and made new friends before we left.. So it is inevitable that this deal had to be sealed!!!

Other activities to watch for, through War Anthem, is the release of Party.San Open Air DVD of Lividity's full set, sometime 2009... we will also be slotted in the PSOA DVD that they release each year!! As well as possibilities for more Europe festival activity Summer of 2009 and PSOA possibility in future for a repeat performance...

War Anthem is more than a business. They are good people and good friends, so they are perfect to help us with our "World Domination" campaign that we have set out to conquer!! Please swing by their website and myspace to give them a shout and welcome Lividity to the growing family of brutality they have on their roster!!

Cum out and rage with us as we will tour Europe April 10 -26, 2009 and will hit uncharted territory such as our first ever visit to Poland for 3 shows and other areas we haven't been too for 5 years or more like Slovakia and Czech Republic!! «
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