Musik - BELPHEGOR: nehmen neues Album auf
belphegorDie österreichischem Black Death Titanen von BELPHEGOR sind in dieser Woche in die Stage-One-Studio gezogen, um ihr neues Album "Stahlschlacht VIII: Musica Infernalia" aufzunehmen. Die 9 Tracks werden dann im September via Nuclear Blast veröffentlicht.

Hier die orginale Nachricht von Helmut und Co: BELPHEGOR NEWS: STUDIO UP DATE NEW ALBUM VIII!


The nine compositions/ arrangements are finished, the Werk is scheduled for a release date in beginning of September via Nuclear Blast Records, worldwide.

BELPHEGOR will let you in on the progress being made and give you an insight into the recording processes. Reports will be posted on this site on a regular basis. So stay tuned and keep an eye on the site.


BELPHEGOR entered producer Andy Classen's STAGE ONE studios three days ago. With Andy at the controls we expect again an absolute massive production. As you're reading this, Mr.Nefastus is already recording the drums.

The studio-process will reach out till middle of June 2009 with four sessions,
so everything can grow and we can get the best result. Between the sessions BELPHEGOR return on the road and shred Scandinavia, Usa and Canada.
Runes In My Memory am 09.02.2009, 06:38