Musik - Erster Song vom neuen Night in Gales Album
 Die Melodic Deather von NIGHT IN GALES haben nach ihrem Vertrag mit LIFEFORCE RECORDS den ersten Track vom kommenden neuen Album 'Five Scars' jetzt Online gestellt !

"We're pretty much looking forward to the release of 'Five Scars' and whatever may come with that for NIGHT IN GALES - but for the moment, listen to 'This Neon Grave' and enjoy a fresh breeze of classic melodic death metal!" - comments singer Bjoern Goosses

'This Neon Grave' is a little story about a bunch of sociopathic misfits, who rush through this brave new world of sensory overload. All in the name of success, fame, money and other modern day icons, this bunch of poor outcasts is doomed to lose their way within this world. So all these neon, bleeping and blinking temptations and fake promises and are finally nothing but a neon grave to them. Apart from that - 'This Neon Grave' is simply a great song that captures what NIGHT IN GALES 2011 is all about!

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