Musik - Johan Lindstrand singt wieder bei THE CROWN
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» Vocalist Johan Lindstrand has rejoined reactivated Swedish death/thrash metallers THE CROWN!!

THE CROWN's current lineup:
Johan Lindstrand - Vocals
Magnus Olsfelt - Bass
Marko Tervonen - Rhythm Guitar
Janne Saarenpää - Drums
Marcus Sunesson - Lead Guitar

Commented the band: "We would like to thank our metal brother Jonas Stålhammar for the amazing teamwork for the last couple of years!!! Respect!!! Next week we'll start rehearsing new material (6-7 news songs written at this point). We hope to enter the studio early 2012.

"We are thinking of doing a few Swedish dates within a couple of months (most likely a first reunion show in our hometown Trollhättan, this time in a proper club) and then focus on doing some kick-ass festivals in 2012."

Added Lindstrand: "Once again I have been blessed with the opportunity to join my oldest friends and brothers in arms Marko, Janne, Magnus and Markus. I'm am so grateful for this and I will do my best to make the original lineup live up to all expectations and we will definitely have a total blast together while rippin' the world to pieces with a lot more years to come.

"Yeah, from now on I am the lead singer in this classic death metal outfit called THE CROWN. Damn! That feels good to say. I will also take some time here to thank Jonas Stålhammar, 'cause he did an amazing job on 'Doomsday King'. You rule, dude!

"Other than that I have to say: THE ORIGINAL FIVE HAS RETURNED!!! Go hide your children."

Jonas Stålhammar stated: "Come in Number 51, your time is up! It's fitting quoting the classic PINK FLOYD song right about now.

"My time with THE CROWN comes to an end with the return of the true voice of THE CROWN, Johan Lindstrand.

"It's been a bumpy but really enjoyable ride for me being a member of THE CROWN. It's with great respect I step down to let Johan take his rightful place in the band again. I wish them all the best and they are truly my brothers still." «
UnDerTaker am 10.09.2011, 18:04