Musik - WALLACHIA neu bei Debemur Morti Productions
 Das Norwegische Black Metal 1-Mann Projekt Wallachia ist neu bei Debemur Morti Productions unter Vertrag. Das dritte Album "Shunya" ist in der Mache und wird bei Debemur Morti wohl gegen Ende des Jahres veröffentlicht.

Hier die Label-News:
For those of you who remember the amazing French label Velvet Music International, you might be familiar with BLUT AUS NORD's hitherto label-brothers WALLACHIA.

Emerging from the mind of Lars Stavdal in 1992, the one-man project has released a demo and two albums since then. The latest, "Ceremony Of Ascension" (2009), presented a pretty modern face of WALLACHIA and received a warm reception from fans.

Having inked a deal with Debemur Morti Productions, Lars is currently working on the third album, "Shunya".

According to Lars, ""Shunya" is a very personal and gloomy record for me, taking more inspiration from my own life and experiences rather than exterior subjects. It dives further into the melancholic sound of WALLACHIA and contains a lot of bleak atmosphere. At the same time, it's faster and rawer. I'm enthusiastic about the songs and about the co-operation with Debemur Morti Productions."

Recording will take place in July at Stefan TraunmĂĽller's Soundtempel Studio.

Expect a massive, epic and melancholic piece of Norwegian Black Metal before the end of the year!
Exorzist am 17.05.2012, 06:38