Musik - KADAVAR streamen das komplette zweite Album
 Classic Rock is proud to premiere German psychedelic hard rock trio Kadavar’s second album Abra Kadaver. Hear it in full below.

It’s due out on April 15 via Nuclear Blast, and represents an attempt to blend Black Sabbath and Pentagram with early Hawkwind – while adding a pinch of the band’s own personalities.

Abra Kadavar follows their 2012 self-titled debut, and was recorded at the end of last year. Drummer Tiger says: “We sat down for two weeks straight to finish composing with total commitment. We’re perfectly happy with the outcome – I’d even say that it comprises the best compositions we’ve created to date.

“The songs are more diversified, the ideas feel more spontaneous. Moreover, we’ve tried to capture much more of our live energy, which is why we’ve recorded almost everything all together in one room, with the amps turned up to the max – only the vocals and a handful of guitar solos were added afterwards.”

They rather nicely describe the finished work as “down-to-earth handmade classic rock from a time when music still used to be true art.”
Alucard am 15.04.2013, 15:44