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NEIGE ET NOIRCEUR - "Verglapolis" kommt am 01.07.2017 - vom 15.05.2017, 07:00

Kategorie: Musik

 Das neue Album der kanadischen Black Metaller Neige et Noirceur, "Verglapolis", steht in den Startlöchern. Erscheinen wird das Album am 01.07.2017 als limitiertes A5 Digipack CD und Digital.

Is a certainty : the brand new Neige et Noirceur ALBUM "Verglapolis" will take you into the coldest and most desolate part of your essence.
Every track is a continuous flow between the most oppressive and cold black metal and melodies that seem to come from unknown and repetitive realities.
Slow-motion rhythms and haunting vocal melodies seemed to be emanated from some bleak cavernous subterranean chambers and create unique hypnotic atmospheres. Waves of disorienting sampling come and go, dotted with dragging beats and the harrowing integration of a choir's howl.
This is pure despair just like the winter that cyclically holds us in.

1. Le monde est une foret noire
2. L'hiver de force
3. Nordet - Les premieres neiges
4. Pluie verglacante et brouillard de glace
5. Energie noire
6. Ruines electriques


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