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Dänemarkdoomer FUNERAL CHASM präsentieren "Sunrise Vertigo" - vom 24.05.2021, 16:43

Kategorie: Musik

 Die dänischen Doomer FUNERAL CHASM veröffentlichen ihr erstes Album “Omniversal Existence” am 02.Juli 2021 via Aesthetic Death.

Die erste Single "Sunrise Vertigo" könnt ihr HIER antesten.

FUNERAL CHASM wurden im Februar 2020 von Morten ”Sjaelepest" Lund (ex-Devil, ex-Kaos666) und Danny Woe (Altar of Oblivion, ex-Woebegone Obscured) gegründet. Beide sind schon seit über 20 Jahren befreundet und spielten auch in der Black Metal Band Above Ravens, der Wunsch nach Veränderung führte zur Gründung von FUNERAL CHASM.

Danny Woe erläutert den textlichen Hintergrund der Scheibe:
“Insomnia is an everyday struggle to live with. I’ve been through the psychiatric medical system for almost 2 decades, and have learned to deal with the thought patterns that come with a lack of sleep. Anxiety and depression being far the worst, as it affects my decisions around the people I care about. When those emotions are peaking, I have learned that the most effective way to break that thought loop is to visit my forest cabin with a friend and eat some magic mushrooms, which help me from spiralling further down into the abyss. I have tried to describe these monumental trips in every song, and what I’ve learned through them. Sometimes you just get a nice relaxing visit into another dimension, but other times you can experience deeper knowledge about yourself (often referred to as a “bad trip" or “ego-death"), and that is the moment where you listen and get the opportunity to evolve. At least for myself, that is what I have tried to convey in the lyrics, and how we arranged the song structure, melodies and moods accordingly”.

01. Embellishment of Inception
02. The Truth That Never Was
03. Mesmerising Clarity
04. Extracting the Flesh from the Gods
05. Sunrise Vertigo
06. The Skeleton Secret
07. Astral Reality
08. Through the Eyes of the Joyless

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