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THEY CAME FROM VISIONS veröffentlichen Video zu "The Blissful Defeat" - vom 28.02.2024, 09:05

Kategorie: Musik

bildDie Black Metaller THEY CAME FROM VISIONS haben jetzt das offizielle Video zum Album "The Blissful Defeat" veröffentlicht.


Die Band kommentiert den Clip:
"With the music video, our aim was not merely to illustrate the song's lyrics, but to craft a narrative intricately woven with the essence of the music. We intended to initiate a storyline that could evolve in future video productions. Filmed amidst the evocative backdrop of the Pyrohiv National Museum of Folk Architecture, its rustic charm provided an ideal setting for our enigmatic masked personas."

Das Video wurde von Leuten produziert die der Band nahe stehen, angeführt von Alina Larionova. Sie erläutert ihre Perspektive:
"Through this video, I wanted to tell a story about three ancient evil spirits who have some power over time, space, and forces of nature. From time to time, unseen and unheard, they visit villagers, who worship them as gods. People still praise them: despite the cold and snowy winter, each receives their gift. But after noticing the presence of some other god and some signs of acquired independence, these spirits go mad, reject the offerings, and decide to punish the 'unfaithful' villagers for betrayal. They cannot be appeased. It is useless to beg them for forgiveness. They recognize only obedience, submission, and adoration. Unconditional. And any disobedience will be punished."

Das dazugehörige Album, "The Twilight Robes", erschien am 23.02.2024 via Eisenwald.

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