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Skinless haben sich aufgelöst ! - vom 19.04.2011, 08:10

Kategorie: Musik

Schlechte Nachrichten der Brutalo Deather !!!

SKINLESS announce their demise(1992-2011)

Message from founding guitarist Noah Carpenter:

We know that many of our fans are restless and wondering what is happening with Skinless, and for the last few years we haven't even known either. I'm not going to go into a deep, detailed description of what has transpired since the "Trample" album, but we were plagued with lineup issues once again. The frustration of 1 step forward and 2 steps back forced me to just put the band on hiatus and try to recharge the batteries for a while.

In June 2010 we reunited the old lineup(from the first 2 cds) for a show in New York, and I had anticipated that we'd end up writing a new album in that formation. When the time came for serious discussions about moving forward with the album a couple of the guys told me they didn't have the 'fire' and/or time to dedicate to the project. For several months afterwards I continued to work on new material and jammed with potential new band members. But, much like the other guys, I concluded that I didn't have the 'fire' either, and my inspiration was more directed towards my other band Armor Column.

This certainly isn't an easy thing for me to do, as I have dedicated my entire adult life thus far to Skinless. We all have shifting priorities throughout life, and we feel that Skinless has run its course. To continue at this point would be forced and uninspired. Skinless has always been about energy and intensity, and doing anything half-heartedly wouldn't be true to what the band stands for.

Members of Skinless will continue on in the music world. Joe plays in the killer band Streetsweeper and Sherwood works as a production manager in Colorado. Bob Beaulac has a new band ready to destroy Albany, NY very soon. I hope that many of you will check out my other band Armor Column. It's not brutal death but those into thrash and heavy powermetal can rock out. Some say it's a mixture of Helstar and Exodus. Brand new album "Maximum Collateral Damage" has just been released. www.facebook.com/armorcolumn


Skinless would like to thank everyone who has ever helped us in any way, from the initial fans in New York that helped springboard us to international recognition, to all the fans around the world, and of course the labels, promoters, booking agents, zines, bands etc. We've had the great honor to share the stage with many metal greats, to see much of the world, and have made tons of friends along the way. THANK YOU ALL!!! ..m/ ..m/

Noah Carpenter

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