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Skineater bei Pulverized Records - vom 29.04.2011, 08:11

Kategorie: Musik

Die schwedischen Deather Skineater haben bei Pulverized Records einen Deal ergattert, die Band wird im Sommer diesen Jahres ihr bis jetzt unbetiteltes Debutalbum veröffentlichen.

Hier die News:
The latest inclusion into the Pulverised Records family is none other than Swedish Death Metal fiends SKINEATER!

Despite having formed in late 2008, SKINEATER comprised of some of Swedish Death Metal scene's long-time veterans including Håkan Stuvemark (ex-Wombbath, ex-In Thy Dreams) and Stefan Westerberg (ex-Carnal Forge, ex-In Thy Dreams), etc.

Commented SKINEATER axe-man Håkan Stuvemark: "When we got to Pulverised and with the opportunity to makes this deal with them it was a fact. Damn deal done! All we've heard about them and through our own experience during negotiating is overall Good! Now we can aim to record the debut album. The recording will take place this summer, that's the plan. And with this excellent line-up we will kick bad ass. Stefan Westerberg (ex-Carnal Forge, ex-In Thy Dreams), Håkan Stuvemark (ex-In Thy Dreams, ex-Wombbath), Thomas Ohlsson (Apostasy, ex-The Project Hate MCMXCIX) and Jörgen Ström (The Mary Major). All ready to make some damage, so keep yer eyes and ears open!"

Pulverised Records A&R manager Calvin also stated: "After we heard about SKINEATER, it was obviously a no-brainer that their brand of crushing Death Metal fitted the Pulverised roster perfectly. With their downright devastating and ruthless vibe combined with a slight tinge of melodic elements; we knew there was something remarkable about SKINEATER! The band is all set to record their debut album in summer, so be prepared for some skin-crawling Death Metal this year!"

SKINEATER will commence recording for the as-yet-unamed full-length effort in the summer of 2011. Further information and details will be announced soon.

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