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Avulsed geben neuen Drummer bekannt ! - vom 26.04.2012, 06:44

Kategorie: Musik

 Oscar Bravo heißt der neue Mann an der Schießbude welcher in Zukunft bei den Spanischen Sickos Avulsed die Felle gerben wird.

Just one month after the departure of ex-drummer Riky, AVULSED is proud to announce the joining of a new drummer to their ranks.

After testing three excellent drummers, the decision was taken in favour of Osckar (Oscar Bravo) which proved to be not only the best drummer, but also, and very important as well, great qualities as a person as well as the necessary dedication for the band, which will undoubtely inject fresh and renewed hopes.

Osckar is one of the best drummers on the Spanish Metal scene which also plays in the legendary Heavy Metal band SOBREDOSIS (http://youtu.be/o9buejkPdHw) and also on NIGHTFEAR (www.nightfearband.com) as well as recently departed from melodic Death Metallers ATMOSPHERE GREY (http://youtu.be/oZJKDIrzrBU). Osckar is also endorsed by various prestigioius brands like MAPEX drums, ZILDJIAN cymbals, EVANS drumheads, ZILDJIAN sticks and AXIS pedals.

All members in AVULSED feels so happy & proud of having found Osckar to fill the drum spot and he just came to stay as another full-time member, making the band stronger than ever before and can't wait to present him live as well as recording the new album towards the end of the year.
You can actually see a short video taken during our first official rehearsal with Osckar where he already played the first 5 songs he learned for the test. You can see he's perfect for the band! Watch here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Klfs5IQT7Uw&feature=youtu.be

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